Welcome to Robot HQ

Robotics is a fun pathway to acquire hands-on knowledge in all the areas of STEAM – The new buzzword in education 

Science Technology Engineering Art and Math – the subjects one needs for success in today’s technological world

歡迎來到 ROBOT HQ 機器人設計、建構、程式編輯是我們的專長


STEAM 技能是當今社會通往成功所需的重要途徑




New VEXcode Courses and Handbook availale:

VEXcode IQ Blocks

Learn to write easy SCRATCH-like programs for your VEX IQ Robot with VEXcode IQ Blocks

VEX EDR V5 && VEXcode Intro

If you’re new to VEX EDR V5 – We have an introductory course that includes how to use the hardware, VEXcode V5 Blocks and VEXcode V5 Text. Everthing you need to get started with your robot.

Paperback Edition on Amazon.com

PDF versions the Handbook available for download – Only US$ 10-00


正體 中文


More Distance Learning Courses / 網路課程

If you don’t have the time, or you are too far away from our training center / 如果您沒有時間,或者您距離我們的培訓中心太遠

Enroll in one of our distance learning courses and study robotics at your own pace wherever and whenever you want / 請加入我們的遠距離教學課程,隨時隨地按照自己的進度上課

Some of the older courses are now free!

Robotics Teachers – Get Certified


We offer Robotics certification courses on the CS2N Network of Carnegie Mellon University.

Robot-HQ offers students and educators assistance with certification courses offered by VEX Robotics