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Welcome to Robot HQ, where we design, build, program and learn about robots. 

Science Technology Engineering and Math – STEM. Robotics is a fun pathway to the skills required for success in today’s technological society. 


歡迎來到 Robot HQ ,機器人設計、建構、程式編輯是我們的專長
機器人融合科學、科技、工程、數學 、美學等知識領域


Our New Training Centre is Open!

Robot Soccer at the Centre

New Software - VEXcode IQ Blocks

Click on the pic below to take a better look.

Training Centre Location - Near LiuZhangLi MRT


This year’s VEX IQ competition is Squared Away – Click on the picture to go to the competition website and read all about the rules and how to play.
The VEX EDR Competition is Tower Takeover – Click on the picture to go to the website.

We have a range of quality online courses for VEX IQ, VEX EDR and ARDUINO

Do check back often, as more courses become available every month.


Click the COURSES tab below to follow the link.