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Interactive courses with loads of extras like:

*Videos of robots doing the challenges in the course*

*Links to relevant material on the web*

*Rubrics and Quizzes*

Paperback Handbooks

VEX EDR V5 Courses

VEX EDR V5 courses also have loads of interactive and downloadable extras

More Interactive Online Courses

Some older courses are now free!

Latest Free Classroom Resources

  • VEX IQ and VEXcode series PPT-3
    In this PowerPoint, we learn how to program the robot to drive forward and reverse, turn and also how to use its arm and claw. Feel free to download the […]
  • VEX IQ and VEXcode series PPT-2
    In this PowerPoint we find and install the software. Update the firmware. Look at the user interface and how to use VEXcode. Write our first program and download it to […]
  • VEX IQ and VEXcode series PPT-1
    Download the PowerPoints and use it in your club/classroom. Add / remove content as you wish. Save yourself a lot of work. I’m sure many teachers and coaches are short […]

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VEX Robotics Teacher Certifications

Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Certifications

Gives you the opportunity to get certified by one of the leading universities in the world.