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The Arduino platform is one of the most versatile STEM/Robotics platforms. By default, it uses it’s own C compiler, but can also be programmed in Robot-C and Scratch 4 Arduino among others. There are multiple Arduino boards, shields, sensors and other peripherals on the market. It is a very inexpensive platform to start your robotics career with.

Obstacle avoiding robot

I recently started going back to projects I did a few years ago. The obstacle avoiding robot was my very first Arduino project, but looking at it on the shelf in my robot workshop, I felt that it had to be more pleasing to the eye. It really was a […]

Arduino Line Follower

A short Saturday side project I made this for fun on a Saturday morning. The parts I used were all from my recycle box, except for the digital line tracker sensor boards. If you want to make a similar project, it is quite easy and you can use almost any […]

Obstacle avoidance robot

This was my first Arduino project. As you probably can see from the photos, I still needed to learn a lot of things about building robots at that time. For instance, the lead acid battery I chose was the wrong kind of battery for Arduino and also too heavy. Anyway […]