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VEX EDR is a STEM/Robotics platform aimed at the education market and specifically for high school students (and up). It is easy to use in a classroom environment and the kits come with easy to organize toolboxes and lots of instructional media. It is on the expensive side, but comes with great support from the parent company in the USA. VEX also hosts the biggest robotics competitions on the planet, this alone is great motivation for students.

The VEX Robotics 2020 – 2021 Competitions are out

The new VEX IQ game is: Rise Above And the game for EDR V5 is: Change Up Have a look at the new games, start thinking and designing robots for the new season! Hopefully we’ll have a real competition next year, my heart goes out to all the teams who […]

First idea for Tower Takeover

I had to come up with a demo robot for Tower Takeover fairly quickly last week, so I modified a cap flipper / lifter I built for last season with a grabber wide enough for two cubes. I don’t think it will be a game winner, but I do think […]


I had to design some bots for display at a competition. Not real competition bots, but based on what is required for the Turning Point Competition. The first design is the Ball Puncher featured earlier and the second one is a Cap Flipper and Lift. Since the first post, the […]

VEX EDR Ball puncher

My first go at building a robot with EDR. The current EDR competition is Turning Point and one way to score points is to shoot at flags with balls. So of course I started by designing a ball puncher and a mechanism to feed it with balls. One of the […]

Unboxing the all new VEX EDR V5

SYDT, the importers and re-sellers of VEX  in Taiwan sent me this V5 to evaluate and build a robot. I’ll keep you updated on the robot, but here is the first glimpse of the awsome new V5!