VEX IQ and VEXcode series PPT-1

Download the PowerPoints and use it in your club/classroom.

Add / remove content as you wish. Save yourself a lot of work. I’m sure many teachers and coaches are short on time to create content. The PPTs contain everything you need to start with VEX IQ.

There are pictures and explanations of all the hardware components (sensors, motors, the brain and so on).

Animated slides explain in detail how to write programs.

Videos of real robots executing those programs.

Having video and animation means the PPTs could take some time to download – Do be patient, a blank PowerPoint opens, but after a while the content downloads and the slides appear.

The first installment of this series is the introduction to the VEX IQ Kit. What you’ll find in the box, what it looks like and a short description of what it does.


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