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We made a Paper Rocket Launcher

What started as a catapult for plasic balls, turned into a paper plane launcher. We designed a launcher with fast spinning wheels, then mounted it on a regular drive base. This made it look suspiciously like an army rocket launcher… Hence the name. At first we used the controller to […]

Another day in Robotics Class

My two young engineers are solving problems… The mission for today: Use the distance sensor to detect a block and stop the robot Use the color sensor to sort the blocks Green blocks to the right Blue blocks to the left Red blocks behind It looked easy, but there were […]

VEX IQ MonsterTruck

One of our little students wanted to make a Jeep, but because we couldn’t find a broken Jeep toy for the body, we ended up making a (Luxury) monster truck. Have a look, it was a super fun project…

New VEXcode IQ Blocks Course

We recently finished an online course for people who want to know how to use the new VEXcode IQ blocks software form VEX Robotics. This course will take you from installing the software, all the way to using the vision sensor to follow an object. This is a beginner course, […]

VEXcode V5 Text Version 1 is available!

After waiting many months for this, it finally arrived. Check out the VEX Forum to find it and more information about it. I’ll discuss some of the most important details I have observed in the short time since I downloaded and installed it. Two things strike one immediately after opening […]

Vision Sensor on VEX IQ

Well, finally the update came and VEXcode IQ Blocks supports the vision sensor now. I fooled around with it a little today and got my little speedbuild robot to follow a ball. I’m not saying the code I wrote is the best out there, but hey… The robot followed the […]

Cortex Brains and stuff- Recycle?

My guess is… Many people have loads of old VEX brains, motors and stuff they don’t know what to do with after they bought the new V5 system. To compound the problem, no-one else wants it either, unless you also want to give them the structure parts as well – […]